TTD Presented Silk Vasthrams to Srirangam Ranganatha Swamy Temple

In a traditional practice, a team of religious persons from Sri Rangam temple have presented silk vastrams to Lord Venkateswara on the auspicious day of Anivara Asthanam, 17 July 2018.

Earlier TTD chairman Sri P Sudhakar Yadav along with Incharge JEO Tirumala, Sri P Bhaskar went to Sri Pedda Jiyangar Mutt and received the Sri Rangam religious team and HH Pedda Jiyar Swamy and HH Chinna Jiyar Swamy from Pedda Jiyangar Mutt.

In a procession along four mada streets, the vastrams were taken inside the temple.

Speaking on this occasion, the JEO said, the Tirumala deity receives the presentation from Sri Rangam temple on this day. While the Vastram presentation to Sri Ranganatha Swamy from Tirumala reaches on Kaisika Ekadasi day.
Endowment Minister of Tamil Nadu Sri S Ramachandran, Srirangam Trust Board Chairman Sri Venu Srinivasan, Endowment Commissioner Jaya, Jt Commissioner / EO of Srirangam Temple Sri Jayaraman and others were present.

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