TTD Calendars, Diaries available in TTD Information Centres

TTD Calendars, Diaries available in TTD Information Centres.. The 2020 TTD calendars and diaries are set ready for sales in all the TTD information centres located across the country in important cities.

There is a huge demand from the public for TTD calendars and Diaries. Especially the 12-sheet calendars, Single sheet Lord Venkateswara calendar and diaries usually receives overwhelming response from devotees.

The cost of 12-sheet is Rs.90, Single sheet Lord Venkateswara and single sheet Goddess Padmavathi priced at Rs. 15 each, both lord and goddess calendar is Rs.10, Big diary Rs.120, small one Rs.90.

Apart from Tirupati and Tirumala, these calendars and diaries are available in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Vijayawada, Hyderabad TTD information centres also for sales.

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  1. k siddaiah says:

    Please sir calendar received and diaries not received