Trinayana Bhadraksha (Trinayani)

Bhadraksha beads

Bhadraksha beads

Trinayana Bhadraksha, also known as Trinayani is in the shape of Shiva’s third eye. It is a oval shaped Bhadraksha.

It is believed as a form of Mahashakti or Goddess Lalita Tripurasundari Devi.

It is a rare Bhadraksha. Worshipping and wearing it, will bless the devotees with better health, wealth, prosperity, and all other aspects of life..

It is also believed that Trinayana Bhadraksha Pooja would bless the performers with the Anugraha from Agnideva and Mahashakti Devata.

Devotees are suggested to wear Trainayana Bhadraksha on Thursday by 8’0 clock in the morning.

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