Transgenders in Hinduism

Transgenders celebrating in Kumbh Mela

Transgenders celebrating in Kumbh Mela

Transgenders are the worshipful people, and they are classified as transmen and transwomen. It is believed that due to the harm caused to the female gender, a person is taking the form of a transgender. They might have committed the sins in their previous or present birth, but anyhow, they must be given proper respect, and must not be neglected by others.

Private volunteers/ Social welfare activists / Philanthropists can contribute a sum to a group of transgender people, in order to run their own business. People must encourage them, and support their business. Most of the self-employed transgenders are doing catering and hotel business, and they provide delicious food to their regular customers along with their great blessings.

Transgenders are having the will power to run their life successfully, even if they suffer from lot of problems in their life, which was the boon granted to them by the god. We would have noticed that only a small percentage of transgender people would commit suicide, and most of them live their life in a peaceful manner. Some transgenders are begging money for running their life, and most of the people and shop-keepers would generally give some money to them, in order to avoid from the curse of transgenders.

Some transgenders are also adopting various other methods for running their life, since they doesn’t find any other method to earn money. That practice must be stopped by helping them to do honest business, and to motivate them regularly. No one must show their anger with them, and must converse with them in a kind manner. They must be treated by the people as the avatars of Lord Arthanareeswara, a combination of Shiva and Shakti, and they have to be initiated in the spiritual path, and must be trained in yoga and meditation.

Yearly Koovagam festival would takes place in a grand manner in the Koothandavar temple during the months of April – May, and thousands of transgenders would participate in the festival. At that time, they would worship Lord Aravan, son of Arjuna and Naga queen Mata Ulupi, who has sacrificed his life for the sake of Pandavas.

While worshipping Lord Aravan, it is advisable for them to worship Lord Krishna also, since worshipping the two great gods, would bring wonders in their life.


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