Trailanga Swami | Tailang Swami, Telang Swami | Swami Ganapati Saraswati

Tailang Swami no-watermark

Tailang Swami no-watermark

Trailanga Swamiwas a Hindu saint who lived in Varanasi, India. It isbelieved that he lived for more than 100 years.He is considered as an incarnation of Lord Shiva. His birth name was shivarama.


He was born at Vizianagaram District in Andhra Pradesh. His parents were ardent devotees of Lord Shiva. After the death of his father in 1647, Sivarama carried out Kali worship in the nearby Kali temple.

After several years of Kali worship, he became a great yogi and he met his GuruBhagirathanandaSaraswati, in 1679 in Punjab, and became a saintand was known as Swami GanapatiSaraswati in 1685. He settled in Varanasi in 1737.After some time, due to his spiritualistic life, he came to be known as Trailanga Swami.

He lived at different places in varanasi. He was also roamed in the streets with naked body.Large numberof people were attracted by his yogic powers,and become his devotees. He met many saints including Vivekananda, LahiriMahasaya and Swami Abhedananda and discussed spiritual matters with them.

He ate only small quantity of food, and in some occasions, he didn’t take food and water for several days. On many occasions, he was tested by many people, and finally realized his holiness and asked for apology from him.


He died in the year 1887. And according to his devotees, he is still alive and blessing his devotees in a divine form.

1. Always keep your mind pure, and don’t allow unnecessary thoughts to enter into your mind.
2. Don’t be greedy and don’t be a miser. Spent some portion of your money to the poor.
3. All the incidents happening in your life, is based on your past karma only. We can’t change the fate, but can pray to the god, for getting peace of mind.
4. Worship Lord Shiva and Shakti, you will be blessed by them.
5. Don’t curse others, and don’t give any troubles to others. Do good things to others.
6. Don’t blame on god, for your sufferings. Nothing is going to be changed by blaming god, instead you pray to him sincerely, and definitely some good change will take place in your life.
7. Don’t get too much attachment to the wordly objects, since they will perish in course of time. Show your deep attachment on god, and it will last for ever.
8. Show mercy on all the living creatures, since they are all the creations of the god.
9. Control your senses and do meditation on god, it will help you to run your life smoothly.


He was a great avatar of Shiva, and led a simple and a noble life. He lived a long life, in order to safeguard the people. During his period, he has removed the sins of the people, and cured the mental and physical problems of the people.
He was a calm and a gentle saint, who never spoken any harsh words over others.
He has also got good knowledge in vedic subjects and was specialized in yoga and meditation.

Let us worship this great saint and be blessed.

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