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Tirumala Tirupati Annual Brahmotsavam 2012 in September (TTD Adhika Maasa Brahmotsavalu)

TTD, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam will perform two Brahmotsavams in 2012 as there is Adhika Masam in Hindu calendar (Adhika Bhadrapada masam).

Also known as Salakatla Brahmotsavam, Adhika Maasa Brahmotsavam, begins on 17 September and ends on 26 September 2012.

Detailed schedule of TTD Brahmotsavam in September 2012

Day Date Utsavams in day time Utsavams in night time
Monday 17 September 2012 Senadhipati Utsavam, Ankurarpana
Tuesday 18 September 2012 Bangaru Tirucchi Utsavam, Dhwajarohanam Peddasesha vahanam
Wednesday 19 September 2012 Chinna seshavahanam Hamsa vahanam
Thursday 20 September 2012 Simha vahanam Mutyapu pandiri utsavam
Friday 21 September 2012 Kalpavriksha vahanam Sarvabhupala vahanam
Saturday 22 September 2012 Mohini alankarotsavam in Pallaki Garuda vahanam
Sunday 23 September 2012 Hanumath vahanam, Vasantotsavam, Swarnaratha ranga dolotsavam Gajavahanam
Monday 24 September 2012 Suryaprabha vahanam Chandraprabha vahanam
Tuesday 25 September 2012 rathotsavam Ashwa (gurram) vahanam
Wednesday 26 September 2012 Pallaki utsavam, Tirthavari Avabruthotsavam, Chakrasnanam Tirucchi Dwajavarohanam

Navaratri Brahmotsavams 2012 in Tirumala Tirupati temple will start on October 15 and will end on the last day of Devi Sharan Navratri…

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  1. Ambika says:

    Actually would like to know weather we can perform sreemantham during Adhika masa Kindly reply or mail me.


    • Naveen Sanagala says:

      Yes.. we can do sreemantham during Adhika masam but need to do it on auspicious day and nakshatram considering native’s nakshatram…

  2. Neelima says:

    what is the timing for garuda vahanam on sep 22?

  3. ramabadran seshadri iyengar says:

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  4. T. Arvindan says:

    Namo Sri Venkateswaraya.
    Kindly let me know upto what time private vehicles are allowed to Thirumala to view Garudaseva today,
    Thank you

  5. Tanuka says:

    dates of brahma utsavam at tirupati in 2013

  6. Pashupriya says:

    schedule of tirupati balaji temple brahmotsavam annual 2013

  7. Sitesh says:

    what date in 2013 brhamma usthavalu in titirumala india