Tips for eco-friendly Diwali

Diwali is a festival of lights, happiness, enlightment and prosperity. But in pursuit of celebrating happiness on this festival, we indulge into activity of bursting crackers which proves quite harmful for environment as well as for us. You must have heard in newspapers as well as in news about various harmful effects of crackers used on diwali festival.

You would be surprised to know that now-a-days campaigns for safe and healthy diwali are gaining good popularity among masses since people have realized about the dangers of using crackers. Explore this article tell guides you about various ways to celebrate diwali in an eco-friendly way!

Lighting candles and diyas are the best way to celebrate the diwali festival. It adds lot of joy and happiness to our life. Avoid burning crackers as they can cause serious damage to environment since they are loaded with harmful chemicals. Even if you are too fond of burning crackers, go for only those which are eco-friendly in nature.

You would be disheartened to read that burning crackers lead to looking darkness that can cause environmental destruction in a big way. Not only crackers damage environment but it also causes number of health problems like hampering your immunity system and nervous system of body etc.

Eco-friendly crackers are prepared from recycled paper and do not emit harmful chemicals that pollute environment. Also these crackers do not produce noise pollution but only light. Also by burning candles and diyas, you can save environment by unnecessary pollution and power consumption.

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