Thirumurugatrupadai | Tirumurukarruppatai | Devotional Poem on Murugan by Nakkiranar

Tirumurugatruppadai is an ancient devotional Tamil poem written in praise of Lord Murugan, by the famous poet Sri Nakkiranar approximately before 2,000 years. In this poem Lord Murugan is described as the god of gods and he is considered as the supreme deity, who controls the entire universe through his super natural powers.

The Tirumurukarruppadai poem tells us about the greatness of Lord Murugan, the killing of the demon king Surapadma, giving salvation to Surapadma by changing him into his peacock Vehicle,his marriage with Valli and Devasena, and about the holy shrines of Lord Murugan, and the details about Vinayaka, Shiva and Parvati are also mentioned in this poem.

By reciting the holy text, Tirumurugatruppadai, we would get the grace of Lord Muruga, and due to that, we would get good wisdom, courage, boldness and knowledge in all the subjects. We would get relieved from physical and mental diseases, and would be able to live our life without tensions and problems.

Ancient kings would regularly recite this divine poem, in order to get protected by Lord Muruga, and due to that, they didn’t faced enemy related problems in their life. Reciting the Holy text Tirumurugatruppadai is like consuming the divine nectar from the heaven.

According to legend, after the completion of this famous text, Lord Muruga and Indra gave their darshan to Nakeerar along with other devas, and blessed him. The current generation people can develop the habit of reading the Tirumurugatruppadai regularly, and they can also cultivate the habit of reading this great text to their children also.

Let us praise Lord Murugan and be blessed.

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