Thirteen faced Rudraksha, Trayodasha Mukhi or 13 Mukhi Rudraksha – Benefits, Mantra

Thirteen faced Rudraksha (Trayodasha mukhi or 13 Mukhi Rudraksha) displays naturally occurring thirteen lines originating from top one end to bottom another end. It is said that thirteen mukhi Rudraksha bead is by kamdeva i.e. Cupid and Lord Indra. People who want to experience the luxuries of life and accomplish success should wear it. According to Hindu mythology, it is Lord Indra’s blessings that the wearer gets the blessings of all other devtas. The wearer is lucky enough to get blessings from the goddess Maha Laxmi i.e. goddess of wealth. It is she who provides comfort, money and all sorts of luxuries in life.

Thirteen faced Rudraksha represent Lord Indra, so whosoever wears this 13 faced bead makes Lord Indra happy. If a man wears, he is upgraded, he becomes rich and he becomes blessed with honour. Thirteen faced Rudraksha fulfils all kind of earthly desires and bless the wearer with eight accomplishments i.e. Siddhies. Kamdeva i.e. the god cupid pleases with the man who wears it. Thirteen mukhi Rudraksha enhance all kind of success related with chemical science.

It is said, thirteen faced Rudraksha provides all attainments to the researchers of medical science. This Rudraksh have hypnotic influences on others, who are enchanted with your charms. This Rudraksh also offers sound mind and body and is extremely auspicious for the one who wears it. Thirteen faced Rudraksha not only fulfils all the desires but also brings good fortune to the wearer.

Thirteen faced Rudraksha keep the wearer away from sinful thoughts and deeds. Person who is lucky enough owns this 13 bead of Rudraksha.

Other details of 13 Mukhi Rudraksha:

Symbol of: Lord Kamdeva

Ruling Planet: Venus

Ruling God: Lord Indra

Day of wearing: Sunday or Monday

13 Mukhi or Trayodasha Mukhi Rudraksha Mantram:

Om Hreem Namah

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  1. Kireet says:

    Can a girl wear thirteen mukhi rudraksh what benefit she will get