The permanent possession, Do we possess anything in this World

Everything that we possess is in mind but in actuality we don’t possess. Suppose I possess all this; as soon as I die, all possession will remain here. I’ll not take anything. So I don’t possess. But in mind I am thinking, “Oh, this is mine. That is mine.” If I leave this body, either the box is here or in the Chicago what is the difference? There is no difference.

But because I am possessing in the mind, “Oh, that box is mine,” so I am asking, “Whether it is in Chicago or it is here?” So by supposedly possessing, we have got our mind, body, wife, children, family, society, country; but it is all illusion because it will not stay. Either the house will be destroyed or I will be destroyed. There will be separation. So, it is not within our power to enjoy or to renounce.

The renunciation recommended in Bhagavad-gita, refers to renunciation of everything that we falsely claim to possess. . “Whatever I possess, I surrender unto You, my dear Krishna.” When one takes Krishna as the only possession, immediately he becomes free from the activities of this material nature. He’s posted on the transcendental position. We can have so many connections with Krishna, as friend, as servant, as parents, as lover, whatever we like. He is prepared to accept us in that capacity. And that makes a solution to all problems.

Here nothing is permanent, nothing is blissful, and nothing is full of knowledge. The fact is that Krishna is permanent. Any person who is in Krishna consciousness is always with Krishna and becomes happy with Him, as He is.” Krishna consciousness is so nice that whatever you do sincerely that is permanent credit. That will never be lost.

Ref: Conversations May 10, 1969, Columbus, Ohio

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