Tejukaya Cha Raja Ganesh | Tejukaya Mansion Ganeshotsav Mandal, Mumbai

Tejukaya Mansion Ganeshotsav Mandal Ganpati, popularly known as Tejukaya Cha Raja Ganesh, is one of the Ganesh mandals in Mumbai that erect the pandal with innovative themes. In 2018, Ganesh Chaturthi Ganeshotsav begins on September 13.

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Tejukaya Mansioncha Raja 2016 1 no-watermark Tejukaya Mansioncha Raja 2016 2 no-watermark

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Tejukaya Cha Raja Ganesh Mandal in Previous Years

For 2011 Ganesh Chaturthi utsav, Tejukaya Cha Raja Ganesh Mandal is coming up with the contemporary social problem this country has been facing – Farmers’ suicides. Always the Ganeshotsav at this pandal is filled with the themes related to the reality of the middle class.

For this Ganeshotsav, the idol make Rajan Zhad designed a 22-foot Ganesh idol suspended in mid-air. Beneath the idol, a farmer sounds the drum, and another farmer blowing a huge trumpet.

Tejukaya Cha Raja, Tejukaya Mansion Ganesh Mandal Ganpati 2011

Address of this Pandal: Tejukaya Mansion, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Mumbai, India – 400012

As per the official website of Tejukaya Cha Raja Ganesh Mandal…

The name “Tejukaya” brings to light a great personality from the British times named “Rao Bahadur Seth Shri Tejukaya J. P.”, a civil constructor by profession. He has very efficiently and responsibly constructed several constructions since 1890. Tejukaya Mansion Ganeshotsav Mandal is one of the biggest and famous Ganesh mandals in Lalbaug, Mumbai.

Since 43 years, it has been diligently and actively treading the path led by Lokmanya Tilak, taking every step towards social wellbeing and awareness while also being famous for its fabulous sets and huge Ganesh idols created by its very own sculptor Rajan Zhad.

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