Teachings of Siddhars

Siddhars are to be considered as perfect saints, who have got various spiritual powers through their Bhakti, and also through their rigorous meditation on the almighty. Siddhars are also called as “SIDDHA PURUSHAS”, since they are familiarised in doing lot of miracles for the welfare of the people. Most of the Siddhars are the devotees of Lord Shiva, Ma Shakti and Lord Muruga, and they have got their divine Darshan due to their staunch faith and bhakti. Actually, there are eighteen famous Siddhars, and apart from them, several thousands of Siddhars are still living in the Himalayas and also in the Pothigai Hills, Sathuragiri Hills and in fewer other hills.

Siddhars are having the supreme powers enough to turn a rust iron bar into a golden barand from a golden bar into a rust iron bar. They used to utilise their powers only for productive purposes, and they would never utilise their powers for destructive purposes. Siddhars have also sung lot of songs on Lord Shiva, and also they have taught nice spiritual matters to others in order to enlighten the people. They are capable of taking any form, from a small ant to a big elephant. They also can control the nine planets through their powers, and they have also got the right to visit even to the abodes of Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Indra and Brahma.

Some of the important teachings of the Siddhars are as follows:-

1. Don’t aim to live an ordinary life, like simply eating, sleeping and enjoying sensual pleasures, since these things would be done only by the animals and birds, and, instead of that, aim to become a big saint, offer constant prayers to the god, see the god on your soul, shed joyful tears by singing songs in praise of Lord Shiva, and try to attain the purpose of your birth.

2. Never aim to become a rich man, since you would be highly addicted to that comfortable life style. Always lead a simple life, and be happy with whatever things you possess.

3. Consider yourself as a slave to Lord Shiva, and consider Shiva as your master. “SHIVA BHAKTI” alone would make you attain the everlasting spiritual bliss, through which you could taste the sweetness of Divinity forever in your life.

4. Don’t keep too much attachment on your relatives, since human life is only temporary. Instead of that, keep lot of attachment with Lord Shiva, since he is an “IMMORTAL” one.

5. Siddhars like us would always convey good messages, and our main purpose is to mould you properly, in order to make you to properly travel in the “SPIRITUAL PATH”.

6. If you want to be an Immortal, try to be like us, though it is very difficult to follow our life style, but through continuous practice, it can be attained.

7. Human body is highly perishable. After your death, you can’t claim right on your physical body. Hence, avoid worldly bondages and worldly pleasures, in order to get more and more spiritual pleasure.

8. Instead of getting tied under the attractive face of the ordinary women, keep enjoying by seeing the divine beauty of our holy mother, Ma Shakti Devi, and taste the sweetness of the divine Amritha, by chanting her glories.

9. If at all, you are unable to control your senses, then you can’t attain the higher spiritual state in your life. Always remember the golden proverb, “LIBERATION CAN BE ATTAINED ONLY THROUGH PERFECTION, DEDICATION AND DEVOTION”.


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