Teachers in Hindu Dharma



Teachers are our Gurus, and they taught us various good things in our life, apart from the regular study subjects. Next to our parents, they are taking care of us properly, and worrying about our future also. Sometimes they may punish us, in order to get betterment in our studies.

In ancient times, teachers would teach lessons under the trees, and they would be called as Gurus by their students. They expect sincerity and honesty from their students, and if they perform mischievous acts, they would be punished severely.

Lord Krishna had learnt the divine subjects from Rishi Sandipani, and he had grasped the subjects quickly. Similarly Lord Rama studied the Vedas and other holy texts under Sage Vasishtha, and learned well. The Pandavas and Kauravas had learned various kinds of arts under their Guru Drona.

Guru acts as a guide for us and helps us to choose our career path. They also tells the ways of living a noble life, and tells the plus and minus in our nature, and would ask us to correct it. Compared to ancient times, nowadays, students are not giving that much respect to their teachers. We are reading in newspapers about the students attacking their teachers.

Doing such an act is not correct, and they must be severely punished. Teachers are considered as the divine incarnations of Guru Brihaspati, Guru of the Divine demigods. A student would never come up in his life, if he disrespects his teacher. He must obey the instructions of his teacher, and must carefully follow out his instructions.

The relationship between the teachers and the students can be strengthened by making them to undertake various tours, parks, picnic spots etc. They can also share their food, and talk with each other open heartedly. Students must feel that they are missing their teachers after finishing their education.

Even after finishing their studies, they should contact frequently to their masters through their mobile phones. Teachers must also be invited in the family functions of the students, and they should spend their time with their teachers with full of happiness in their minds.

Hence let us respect our teachers, and affectionately bow our head before them.


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