How spiritual leaders (Gurus) train disciples (Shishyas)

Anyone can overcome the hurdles in life if he is able to condition in his mind. The chief concern of spiritual leaders will be to train their disciples to cultivate detachment by impressing on them that problems have to be faced, and what God has ordained shall take place, though a few may try to feel they can circumvent the course of events by their ingenuity.

By securing the advice of such saints and preceptors, one will be able to develop tolerance. While taking the disciples the masters may put their mettle to test behaving at times seemingly harsh but this is intended to make them stand the trials treating pleasure and pain alike. Because of their attitude, the saints, during their life time, were ridiculed and maligned but their greatness was known at the time of their exit from the world.

The worth of such God – men may not have been openly acclaimed, even as a person living    on the banks of the river Ganga permanently, will not take a dip in it, but prefer water from a street tap. One of the mystics of Maharastra, Saints Dnyaneshwar, suffered such abuses, but he gave the common man the most sacred book in Marathi spiritual literature, a lucid and illuminating commentary on Bhagavad Gita, called Dnyaneshwari.

Swami Haridas Giri said the saint, one of the greatest devotees of Panduranga Vittala, had given a faithful translation of the gita (in Sanskrit) in his Marathi version about 700 years ago. Having said the gospel of the Almighty, Dnyaneshwar desired to shed his mortal coils even at a very young age. The decision was conveyed to another illustrious bard, Namdev, by God himself through an incorporeal voice, and he rushed to Alandi, the place where the former was preparing to enter samadhi.

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