Tara, Goddess Tara Mahavidya

Goddess Tara is the second of Dasamahavidyas who gives the devotees the right direction in their lives. She is called upon in emergencies or at crossroads where we require guidance as to which way to turn. Tara is also referred to as Neela Saraswati Mahavidya.

Tara is the saving knowledge. She also finds mention in Buddhism and she is one of the most important Goddesses in Buddhism  The Bodhisattva Tara is the consort of the great Buddha Avalokiteshvara , the Lord who looks down with compassion on all living beings.

Legend has it that when the churning of the ocean , Samudra manthana happend, poison was one of the entities to emerge out of that process. And Lord Shiva drank all the poison to save the world. His neck turned blue with that effect and hence he came to be known as Neela Kantha. But he collapsed due to the effect of the poison and then Goddess Tara was manifested who breastfed Lord Shiva and brought him back to life. In this way and also the way she is depicted, she is similar to Goddess Kali. In both these forms, Lord Shiva becomes an infant in front of the Mother.

It is believed that worshipping her gives the power of speech and knowledge to an individual and all his enemies would be destroyed.

Mantra of Goddess Tara as given in Mantra Mahodadhi:

Om Hreem Streem hum phat

Other mantras of Goddess Tara:

pratyalidapade ghore munda mala pashovite

kharve lambodari bhime ugratara namostute

pratyalidapade ghore munda mala pashovite

kharve lambodari bhime asthatara namostute

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