Tandava Murti, Shiva in Dancing Form (Lord Shiva as Master of Dance)

Shiva Tandavam Arudra Darshan

Shiva Tandavam Arudra Darshan

Tandava Murti is one of the forms of Lord Shiva, which means Master of Dance. In Sanskrit, ‘Tandava’ or ‘Nritya’ means Dance. Lord Shiva is also known for his Dance, as Shiva Tandava is known to all the Universe.  As the name indicates, Shiva Tandava means Dance performed by Lord Shiva.  He is the origin for all 108 modes of Dance.

The most popular icon of Lord Shiva dancing is Nataraja icon. It can be that it is the symbol of Dance in India. In this posture, his f our arms and two legs are in dancing position and the entire posture is surrounded by a circular blaze of fire. This Blaze of fire symbolizes an Awakening power generated from his dance, which makes the entire Universe active and gives the energy for survival. Every Institute of Classical Dance in India will install this icon in the centre-stage and offer the Dance coaching.

The processes of creation, preservation and destruction of this Universe are indicated by the Dance of Lord Shiva. It is believed that he dances in the evenings, thus making all the beings pleasant and enables them to realize the unknown facts of life. Also, he dances in delight when anyone of his devotees is wishing to see him and offers a high order penance in that regard.

It is also said in one of the epics that all the Gods would assemble at Mount Kailasha, the place where Lord Shiva resides, to view him dancing along with Goddess Parvati, on some particular occasions like Maha Shiva Ratri.

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