Bala Kandam | Balkanda in Valmiki Ramayana

Balakanda Sri Rama breaking Shiva Dhanu Ramayana

Balakanda Sri Rama breaking Shiva Dhanu Ramayana

Bala Kandam is the first chapter or first Kandam of the Valmiki Ramayana, which tells about the birth of Lord Rama, his significance, and his blessings showered onto his devotees during the Treta Yuga.

Though Lord Rama didn’t born with Chanku and Chakra in his hands similar to Lord Krishna, but through his shining face and his lovely smile, he witnessed the people of Ayodhya, that he is a divine avatar of Lord Vishnu.During the time of his birth, the mother of Lord Rama, Ma Kausalya had dreamt that the powers of Lord Vishnu had entered into her womb.

When the great sage Valmiki had once questioned to sage Narada, whether there is any noble person born in the earth. Naradahad replied to him, that a pious person was born in Ayodhya, and his name was Rama.Narada also explained to Valmiki, about the nature of Rama,and his good qualities.

During the Treta Yuga, there was a great king whose name was Dasaratha, and he ruled Ayodhya in a well versed manner, but though he had three wives Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra, he didn’t have child from them.As per the advice of the great sage Vasishta, he performed a Yagna under the guidance of sage Rishyashringa. At that time, Ravana had ruled Lanka and he gave lot of troubles to the divine devas in the heaven. As a result, Lord Vishnu had decided to take an avatar, and hence he took birth as Lord Rama. He was born to Dasaratha and Kausalya, and his divine weapons Chanku, Chakra and his divine bed Adisesha, took the form of Bharata, Shatrugna and Lakshmana, and they served him similar to his humble attendants.

During the time of his young age itself, Lord Rama and Lakshmana, went along with Viswamitra, and they had destroyed various terrible demons through their bow and arrow.He relieved Ma Ahalya from her curse, and asked her to join along with her husband Rishi Gouthama. Rama also went to Mithila along with Rishi Viswamitra and Laksmana. And there they have been welcomed by the noble king of Mithila, Janaka, and as per the wish of King Janaka, Rama lifted the bow (Shiv Dhanush) and also broke it. On seeing this wonderful incident, Janaka was very happy, and he sent messengers to Ayodhya in order to arrange marriage for his daughter Sita with Lord Rama.

Dasaratha was very happy, and he went to Mithila, and a grand marriage event took place. Sitawas wedded with Rama, and her sister Urmila to Lakshmana. Bharata and Satrughna were married with Mandavi and Srutakirti, who are the daughters of Kushadhwaja, the younger brother of Janaka. After the completion of marriage ceremony, Rama, Sita and the entire family of Dasarata began to return to Ayodhya. At that time, Rishi Parashurama had appeared before Rama, and asked him to lift the bow of Lord Vishnu. Ramahad easily lifted the bow, and also made Parasurama to realise that he is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, similar to him. Rishi Parashurama had realised his mistake, bowed before Rama, and went to Himalayas to perform penance on Lord Shiva.


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