Thai Masam 2021 | Thai Month in Tamil Calendar

Thai masam or Thai month or Thy masam is the tenth month as per the traditional Tamil Calendar. In 2021, Thai Masam begins on January 14 and ends on February 12. This month is one of the auspicious months for Tamil speaking people all around the world. Some Tamil people celebrate the first day of […]

Thaipusam 2021 | Thai Poosam

Lord Subramanya

Thaipusam (Thai Poosam, Thaipooyam) is a festival dedicated to Lord Subramanya (Murugan). In 2021, Thaipusam date is January 28. Thaipusam falls on the Pusam Nakshatra around Thai Pournami, Full Moon day Thai Masam in Tamil Calendar. This festival commemorates victory of Lord Murugan over the demon Soorapadman. It is believed on this day Goddess Parvati […]

Thaipoosam 2017 at Skandagiri Subramanyaswamy Temple, Hyderabad

Thaipoosam or Thaipusam is the major festival dedicated to Lord Murugan. This festival is observed on Thai Pournami or the Full Moon day in Thai month. Thaipoosam 2017 date is February 9. Skandagiri Subramanya swamy temple located at Padmarao nagar in Secunderabad Hyderabad is the famous temple dedicated to Subramanya swamy in twin cities. Thai […]

Thai Poosam, Festival Dedicated To Lord Murugan

Thai Poosam is a festival celebrated in the Tamil month Thai. Thai Poosam 2016 date is January 24. The Tamil month Thai usually falls in January – February. Thai pusam, a festival dedicated to worship Lord Murugan, is a popular and most celebrated festival for Tamilians. Thai Poosam is celebrated on the day of Poosam […]

Thai Pusam 2013, Thaipusam, Thai Poosam in 2013

Lord Murugan Subramanya

Thaipusam or Thai Poosam is the Tamil festival observed in Thai month (January – February). In 2013, Thaipusam date is January 27, Sunday. Thaipusam 2012 date was February 7. Thaipusam festival is celebrated on the day of star Poosam around Pournami day. Thaipusam commemorates the killing of demon Tharakasuran by Lord Murugan. Another legend about […]

Thai Poosam, 7 February 2012

Today, 7 February 2012 is Thai Poosam (Thaipusam). It is one of the major festivals dedicated to Lord Murugan. It falls on Pusam Nakshatra day in Thai Masam as per Tamil calendar. It is celebrated with utmost fervor in Aarupadai Veedu (six prominent temples of Murugan) of Tamil Nadu. Batu Caves of Malaysia and Singapore […]