Purattasi Mahatmyam | Significance of Purattasi Month

Purattasi, is an important month for the Vishnu devotees, and it falls between September -October. According to legend, it is believed that Lord Venkateswara had taken avatar on the earth during this month. Hindu Non-vegetarian lovers would avoid meat during the month of Purattasi, and if we see this from the spiritual point of view, […]

Purattasi 2020 | Purattasi Masam 2020 (Purattasi Month) dates

Purattasi (Purattasi Masam, Purattasi month) is one of the auspicious months in Tamil calendar. In 2020, Purattasi masam starts on September 17 and ends on October 16 (30 days) as per traditional Tamil calendar followed in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. Purattasi coincides with Ashwin month of North Indian Hindi calendar and Ashwayuja masam of Telugu […]

Purattasi Sani 2020 | Saturdays in Purattasi Masam

Venkateshwara Swamy Tirumala Tirupati Balaji

Purattasi Sani, Saturdays in Purattasi Masam are the highly auspicious vritham followed in the month (September – October). In 2020, Purattasi Sani dates are – September 19, September 26, October 3, October 10. As Adi Fridays are dedicated to Goddess Shakti, Purattasi Sani days are dedicated to Lord Balaji. Venkateshwara Vratham (Balaji Vritham) is observed […]