Lets consider our Puja Room to Garbhagriha of Temple

Let’s consider our puja room similar to the temple Garbhagirha (Sanctum Sanctorum). Our puja room must be maintained properly, it should be always be kept clean and hygienic, and we must compulsorily lit either oil or ghee lamps both in the morning as well as in the evening. It is also believed that those who […]

Decoration of Deities | Why Decoration of Idols is important in Hindu Dharma?

Decoration of deities is a good task. Similar to decorating ourselves and our children, we must have to decorate the divine deities also, based on our financial status. In most of the Hindu temples, the deities would wear rich costumes, costly necklaces and would be adorned with flowers and flower garlands. Among the gods and […]

If God is everywhere, why we pray in the prayer room only?

If God is everywhere, why we pray in the prayer room only? You can pray anywhere, but if you sit and pray in one room you make the vibrations very nice. You can eat anywhere, you can eat in the verandah, you can eat sitting in the drawing room. But there is a dining hall […]

Importance of the Puja Room: Why we worship God at Puja room only?

The puja room is the most important place in the house. It is the place where the Gods are worshipped and has that significant vibration due to this and hence it calls for a separate space within the house. The whole of the universe is made of energy. What we see and worship as God […]