Viprachitta & Maharajeshwari – Alankara Kramam in Bhadrakali Shakambari Utsavams | 18 July 2018

On 18 July 2018, Viprachitta & Maharajeshwari are the two Goddesses for Shakambari Utsavams in Hanumakonda Bhadrakali Temple. Goddess Bhadrakali is decorated in the form of above two Goddesses on this particular day. It is a traditional ritual that Bhadrakali Mata is decorated in particular ‘64 Yogini Matas‘ during Shakambari Utsavams in Ashada Masam of Telugu calendar. As a […]

Watch Ahmedabad Navratri 2013 Live Online

Navdurga Mata

You can watch Ahmedabad Navratri 2013 Live Online with live streaming provided by the AP group who are a specialised technology providers of Live Webcasting / Video Conferencing / Virtual Classroom / Internet and sever security. According to their official Facebook page, the AP group will broadcast all Navratri Utsavs of Ahmedabad live online. In […]