Annabhishekam in Kapileswara Swamy Temple, 12 November 2019

In connection with Karthika Deepotsavam on November 12, Annabhishekam will be performed in Tirupati Sri Kapileswara Swamy temple on Monday. As a part of this auspicious occasion, Suddhodaka Abhishekam will be performed from 11am till 12 noon, Annabhishekam from 12 noon till 2:30pm. Later the devotees will be allowed for Annalinga Darshanam from 4pm till […]

Laksha Kumkumarchana for Kamakshi Mata, Sri Kapileswara Temple

TTD proposes to perform Laksha Kumkumarchana for Goddess Kamakshi at Sri Kapileswara Temple on August 30, 2019 (Tirupati). Interested devotees could participate with Rs 200 ticket for two persons and beget one Laddu m kumkuma prasadam. ISSUED BY TTDs PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER, TIRUPATI ఆగ‌స్టు 30న శ్రీ కపిలేశ్వరాలయంలో లక్ష కుంకుమార్చన తిరుపతి, 2019 ఆగ‌స్టు 26: టిటిడికి అనుబంధంగా […]

Subramanya Swamy Homam in Kapileswara Swamy Temple, Tirupati

The two-day Subramanya Swamy homam commenced in Sri Kapileswara Swamy temple in Tirupati on Tuesday, 24 October 2017. On Wednesday there will be Divya Kalyana Mahotsavam to Sri Subramanya Swamy with Valli and Devasena between 6pm and 8pm.

Ganapathi Homam in Tirupati Kapileswara Swamy Temple

The three-day Ganapathi Homam concluded on Monday, 23 October 2017, in the famous shrine of Sri Kapileswara Swamy temple in Tirupati. This fete will be followed by Subrahmanyam Swamy Homam on October 24 and 25. Temple DyEO Sri Subramanyam is supervising the Homam arrangements.

Kapileswara Swamy Brahmotsavam begins with Dhwajarohanam

Kapileswara Swamy Brahmotsavam has begun with Dhwajarohanam on 10 February 2015.. The annual Brahmotsavams at the TTD-run Sri Kapileswara Swamy temple began with splendour at this ancient temple in Tirupati on Tuesday with Dhwajarohana Mahotsavam. This is one the most famous Lord Shiva temples under the umbrella of TTD known for its waterfalls and is […]

Lakshakumkumarchana in Kapilateertham Temple on August 22

Lakshakumkumarchana in Kapilateertham Temple on August 22, 2014…. The special ritual of Lakshakumkumarchana will be performed in Sri Kamakshi Ammavaru in Sri Kapilateertham temple on August 22. The programme will commence with Vigneshwara pooja, Punyahavachanam, Sankalpam and first phase of Kumkumarchana will be performed between 8.30am to 11.30am. Later Naivedyam and Harati will be rendered […]