Kanya Puja 2022 | Kumari Pooja during Navratri Durga Puja

Kanya Puja, Kumari Pooja or Kanjak Pooja, is the main ritual observed during Navratri Durga Puja. In 2022, Kanya Puja date is October 3. In some regions, Kanya Pooja is performed on Durgashtami (October 3) or on Mahanavami (October 4). During Chaitra Navaratri, Kanya Puja date is April 9, 2022. Kanya or Kumari Puja is a […]

Kumari Pooja Procedure | Durga Navaratri Kanya Puja

Kumari Puja during Navaratri

Kumari pooja, Kanya Puja, is a ritual performed on Durgashtami day during Durga Navratri or Durga Puja. This puja is offered to virgin girls who are not attained puberty. Virgin girls are worshipped as nine Goddesses of Navaratri. In some places Kumari pooja is also performed on Mahanavami. How is Kumari Puja Performed? The devotees […]

Kumari Puja: Kanya Pooja during Durga Navratri

Kumari Puja or Kanya Pooja is an important ritual during Durga Navratri puja. Usually, Kanya Kumari Puja is observed on Mahaastami (Durga Ashtami) day. Maha Astami is the eighth day of Durga Navratri Puja. Kanya Puja is also known as Kanjak Ashtami Puja in some regions. When is Kanya Puja celebrated in 2022 During Durga […]