Saptvaar Vrat | Seven Gods’ Puja on 7 days of a week

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The seven days of the week are governed by different planets. In order to get over the malefic effects of a particular planet or to achieve the blessings of a particular god, Vaar Vrat is observed on that particular day. As per Hindu Scriptures and beliefs, each day of a week is dedicated to each […]

Guruvar Vrat Katha in Hindi | Brihaspati Vaar Vrat Katha in Hindi

Guruvar Vrat Katha in Hindi, Story of Brihaspati Vaar Vrat in Hindi is explained here along with the Brihaspati Bhagavan Katha. वृहस्पतिवार (गुरुवार व्रत) कथा प्राचीन समय की बात है– एक बड़ा प्रतापी तथा दानी राजा था, वह प्रत्येक गुरुवार को व्रत रखता एवं पून करता था. यह उसकी रानी को अच्छा न लगता. न […]

Guruvaar Vrat Katha, Story of Thursday Vrata

Guruvaar Vrat is observed on Thursdays to honour Brishaspathi Deva and get his blessings. Once Lord Indra lost in his indulgences did not pay respect to Brishaspati Deva when he visited his court. To which Brihaspati who was the Guru of Indra felt bad and walked away. Then Indra realised his mistake and decided to seek his […]