Gem Therapy: Treating Life Problems with Gemstones

Gem Therapy

Gem Therapy

Anyone can wear a gemstone but your choices have a huge impact on the outcome. You can wear a gem, a stone or a jyotish gemstone! You can be a skeptic, you can lade your talisman with expectations or you can embrace pure faith.

Getting results out of gem therapy largely depends on two factors:

–          whether the gemstone is  jyotish quality or not

–           and secondly has your jyotish gemstone been consecrated.

Planetary gem therapy works on the principle of planetary energies harmonizing the energy of the individual.

The essence of consecration lies in precision –

– Of objectives

– Of individuals name, rasi, nakshatra, gotra

– Of muhurta

– Of inviting the divinity to empowering the individual through gem therapy.

Likewise when an individual selects a jyotish gem he/she is certainly picking up the right means towards the desired end. Jyotish gems are also the top quality gems as the criteria for their selection surpasses gems on all counts of cut, colour, clarity and carat weight and still further by sifting out any of those that may have doshas/flaws as listed in sacred jyotish texts.

When you optimize on your choice of jyotish ratna with ensuring consecration as well jyotish gem, the best  results from planetary gem are guaranteed.

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