Swamy Sangili Boothathar

Sri Swamy Sangili Boothathar was originated during the time of churning of the Divine Ocean, Parkadal, and at that time, he was appeared in a gigantic form, and holds a pot of Divine nectar on one of his hands, and he also contains a divine weapon, known as “THANDAM”, and “SANGILI”, iron chain, on his hands. Along with him, several Boothaganas were also formed, and they accepted Boothathar as their Chief. On seeing the strange appearance of Boothathar and other Boothaganas, all the Divine Devas and the demons who were churning the Ocean, got fear on them, and fled away from that place.

Lord Shiva, who was also present at that place, took Boothathar and other Boothaganas along with him to the Holy Mount Kailash, and there Lord Shiva had appointed him as the Chief of the Boothaganas, and also made him as one of his Chief Divine Attendant.

Once, Lord Shiva decided to travel to few places in the earth, and hence he has given all of the responsibilities to Boothathar, and went away. Boothathar has rendered his work effectively and efficiently, and he got good name from Ma Parvati. After passage of time, since Lord Shiva didn’t return to Kailash, Ma Parvati asked Boothathar to go to the earth, in order to know about the whereabouts of Lord Shiva. As soon as Boothathar went outside the gates of Kailash, he saw Lord Shiva was returning to Kailash.

In order to avoid in getting bad remarks from Lord Shiva, Boothathar has transformed himself into a snake. But Shiva has identified the snake, and spoken softly to him, and asked Boothathar to live in the earth for some time, in order to act as a guardian god to the people in the earth. Lord Boothathar instantly agreed, and began to travel to Parvata Hills, Pothigai Hills and performed meditation on Lord Shiva for a few years. After getting sufficient powers through meditation, Boothathar began to act as a guardian god to all kinds of people, irrespective of their caste, creed and community, and relieves their sins, diseases and gives good spiritual energy, health, wealth, will power, knowledge and courage to his devotees.

Sangili Boothathar can also be worshipped as Kula Deva, by those, who are not aware about their original Kula Deva/Kula Devi. Boothathar actively serves as a guardian god in the famous SoriMuthu Ayyanar Temple, Eravaarpatti, Tamil Nadu 626128. Still he appears in the dreams of his sincere devotees, and used to tell proper solutions to their problems. Boothathar is also considered be an aspect of Lord Shiva, and Shiva and Parvati considers him as their own son, similar to Vinayaka and Muruga, and in few temples of Shiva and Muruga, separate shrines are dedicated to Swamy Sangili Boothathar.

There are few temples dedicated to Lord Sangili Boothathar and the details are as follows:-

1. Sangilibhoothathaar temple
ThenpaaraiThellanthi, Tamil Nadu

2. SangiliBoothatharKovil
Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu

3. Sri SangiliBoothatharkovil
MuthukrishnaPuram, Tamil Nadu

4. Sri SangiliBoothathar Temple
Kumarapuram, Tamil Nadu

5. SangiliBoothatharKovil
Kilankadu, Tamil Nadu

6. Sri SangiliBoothatharSwamy Temple
Mylaudy, Tamil Nadu

7. SangiliBoothathar Temple
Aralvaimozhi, Tamil Nadu

8. SangiliBoothathar Temple
Kalakadu R.F, Tamil Nadu

9. ArulmiguSangiliBoothathar Temple
KambaneriPudukudi, Tamil Nadu

10. SangiliBoothathar Temple
Achchampaadu, Tamil Nadu


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