Sri Rama Dwadashi | Rama Lakshmana Dwadashi

Sri Rama Dwadashi (Rama Lakshmana Dwadashi) is an auspicious Vrata which falls in Jyeshta Month. In 2017, Sri Rama Dwadashi date is June 6. Sri Rama Dwadashi falls on the Dwadashi in Shukla Paksha of Jyeshta Month (June), the following day of Nirjala Ekadashi. It is believed that King Dasharath observed this Vrata to get Lord […]

Parashurama Dwadashi

Parashurama Dwadashi is an auspicious vrata dedicated to Lord Parashuram, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Maharshi Parashuram is also known as one of the ferocious incarnations of Sri Maha Vishnu. In 2015, Parashurama Dwadashi date is April 30. Parashuram Dwadashi Vrata is observed in Vaishakh Month, Shukla Paksha Dwadashi, the following day of Mohini […]

Shukra Dwadashi Vrata

Shukra Dwadashi Vrata is an auspicious austerity observed on Dwadashi tithi which falls on Friday (Shukravara). Dwadashi is the twelfth tithi in each Paksha (fortnight) of a month in Hindu calendar. Lord Vishnu is offered Shodashopachar Puja on this day. Special recipes are offered as Naivedya. As per the Puranas, Shukra Dwadashi Vrat Katha is […]

Champak Dwadashi, Champaka Dwadasi

Champak Dwadashi (Champaka Dwadasi) is an important festival celebrated in Orissa, mainly in Puri Jagannath temple. Champak Dwadasi is observed on 12th day of bright fortnight of Jyestha month (Jyeshta Shukla paksh Dwadasi). In 2014, Champaka Dwadashi date is June 10. Champak Dwadasi is an important festival for Utkala Brahmins community of Orissa. Special pujas […]