Deeparadhana in Puja Room | Lighting Diyas

Significance of lighting lamp deepam

Lighting the lamps in the puja room is a common practice which would be adopted by most of the Hindu households. It is a must to light the lamps in the puja room, in order to welcome Mata Lakshmi Devi to our home, as well as to chase the evil spirits from our home, and […]

Deeparadhana | Importance of lighting lamps during Pujas & rituals

Deeparadhana or lighting lamps or diyas is an important aspect of any puja or Hindu ritual. The importance of deeparadhana is mentioned in many ancient scriptures and the tradition has been in existence since the Stone Age. Apart from religious angle, lighting diyas also has the natural side of benefits for our health and for […]

Lemon Diyas for Durga during Rahukaalam

Lemon Diyas for Durga during Rahukaalam – why we light Lemon Diyas for Goddess Durga during Rahukaalam? Rahu Kaala Lemon lamps Various types of rituals are performed at Shakti Temples. When we visit the Mata temple, we also perform some rituals. But when we visit the temple during Rahukaalam, we should light lemon lamps for the […]

Deeparadhana Mantras, Slokas to chant during lighting diya or lamp

Diwali Diya

Deeparadhana or lighting a lamp or diya is an important tradition to follow during any puja or ritual. Devotees chant several mantras or slokas during Deepa aradhana. A Diya is symbol of Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswati and Goddess Durga as per many scriptures. Standing diya symbolizes the divine energy which can get away the darkness of […]

Significance of Oil & Ghee lamps over electric lights

Ghee lamps and oil lamps have always been preferred during any important puja rituals in the Hindu tradition. Lighting the lamp is not just an act of lighting the surrounding. Lamps are lit even during day time when there is enough light available. There is a reason behind using lamps during puja. When we are […]

Significance of lighting a lamp

Significance of lighting lamp deepam

Lighting the lamp is an ancient Hindu ritual practices in both household as well as temples. This is done even in modern day when we have electric lights. The essence is not just in lighting the place and lighting the lamp has a much more deeper meaning to it than this. Let us look into […]