Lemon Diyas for Durga during Rahukaalam

Lemon Diyas for Durga during Rahukaalam – why we light Lemon Diyas for Goddess Durga during Rahukaalam?

Rahu Kaala Lemon lamps

Various types of rituals are performed at Shakti Temples. When we visit the Mata temple, we also perform some rituals. But when we visit the temple during Rahukaalam, we should light lemon lamps for the Goddess.

How to prepare and light lemon lamps? 

We need to light lamps on lemon (extract juice and fold in opposite direction and place cotton on skin of lemon) along with kumkum, blouse piece, dhakshina (offering like money) and tambulam (beetle leaf along with banana and beetle nut along with haldi kumkum packet). Then after we honor other ladies assuming they are the forms of goddess (Punyastri) and offer tambulam.

Reciting the Shri Lalitha Sahasranama is of special significance.

According to some pundits, we should not light the rahu and ketu kalam deepam at home.

Merits and benefits of lighting lemon diyas

Those who light lemon diyas during Rahukaalam would be blessed with health, prosperity, happiness and moksha by Goddess Durga.

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  1. Shoum says:

    While appreciate your efforts in explaining Hindu principals I request you to kindly avoid unsuitable advertisements in middle very esteem messages, like shoes & sandals advertisement under the head Raku Kaala lemon dheep. I feel this disgrace the holy messages. Please correct these. These ads may appear elsewhere in your page.

  2. Govvndharaj says:

    Every Monday morning 7:30am to 9am rahu kalam so many homes lighting but what will be happens

  3. Deshani dileepika says:

    Im doing lemon lamp pooja for four weeks on tuesdays.but i could not peroform on rahu kala timing. Will it guide me to fullfillment?