Creation of Universe by Union of Prakriti and Paramatma

“As per the Hindus, universe was created by the union of Prakriti (nature) and Paramatma (Supreme Being / God). So going back to the Paramatma, who is Poorna Anand (supreme and absolute bliss) how did this Sankalpa (thought / intention) arise in him?” This is a question raised by a disciple in Satsang of Sri […]

Importance of God Particle in Hinduism (Higgs Boson)

The scientists have discovered the God Particle; that is what they are saying – Higgs Boson. And they say that the entire universe is made up of this. It is a field, and this field is energy. It gives shape to the planets, stars and everything. This sounds so familiar to someone who has studied Vedanta, or […]