Adhik Maas Vrat Katha, Story | Purushottam Maas Vrat Katha

Adhik Maas Vrat Katha, story of Mal Maas Vrat is mentioned in some scriptures. Also known as Purushottama Maas, Adhik Maas is considered very sacred as per Sanatan Dharma and most preferred for Daiva Karyas such as special pujas, vratas and other rituals. The story of Adhik Maas vrat is associated with Lord Vishnu. As […]

Adhik Maas 2018 | Adhika Masam, Mala Maas, Purushottam Maas dates

In Hindu calendar 2018 (2018-2019), there is an Adhik Maas (Mala Maas, Adhika Masam). It is an extra month according to lunar calendar. 2018-2019 Hindu calendar Year is known as Vilambi Nama Samvatsara. ‘Jyeshta Masam’ comes twice in 2018, one is Adhika Jyeshta Masam and the another one is Nija Jyeshta Masam. As per North […]

Things prohibited in Adhika Maasa

What are the various things prohibited in Adhika Maasa? What are the avoidable ceremonies during Adhik Maas? During the period of Adhika Maasa, marriages (Shubha Vivaha), Mundan Sanskara (Tonsures), inaugurations of new home and House warming ceremony (Bhoomi Poojan & Grihapravesham), Upanayanam, buying or starting new ventures, etc. are to be avoided. Adhika Masa Ekadashi Vrat […]

Religious Importance of Adhik Maas

The religious importance of Adhik Maas is mentioned in many scriptures. Adhika Maasa is an auspicious month for various religious rituals such as upavas (fasting), reciting religious scriptures, mantras, prayers, performing havans, homas, yagnas, etc.. Adhika Maasa Vratas Full day Vrata (day vrata), Naktha Vrata, Vaara Vrata (weekly vrata), Paksha Vrata (fortnight vrata) and Maasa […]

Mal Maas 2018 begins, 16 May

Mal Maas 2018 begins on May 16 and ends on June 13 as per Purnimant Panchang (North Indian Hindi Calendar) and Amavasyant Panchang – Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada & Konkan calendars. Mal Maas is an extra month according to Chandramana Panchang of Hindu calendar. It is to note that Adhik Month is dedicated to Lord Krishna. […]

Adhik Ashad Month 2015

Adhik Ashad Month 2015 begins on June 3, Adhik Ashad Krishna Pratipada & ends on July 2, Adhik Ashad Purnima as per North Indian Hindi calendar. A lunar year has 354 days while a solar year has 365 days.  This means, at the rate of 11 days a year, in the course of 2 years […]

Adhik Maas in 2015 (Mala Masa, Adhika Masam)

In Hindu calendar 2015 (2015-2016), there is an Adhik Maas (Mala Maas, Adhika Masam). It is an extra month according to lunar calendar. 2015-2016 Hindu calendar Year is known as Manmadha Nama Samvatsara. ‘Ashada Masam’ comes twice in 2015, one is Nija Ashada Masam and the another one is Adhika Ashada Masam. As per North […]

Adhika Masa: What is Adhika Masa & when Adhik Month comes

What is Adhika masa? When Adhik month or extra lunar month comes in Hindu Astrology? Here is a good article about Adhika masa published in Bangalore Mirror. The article briefly discusses the time of Adhika masa and pujas and rituals to be performed during Adhika masa. Mr Niranjan Babu wrote for A lunar year […]

Adhik Maas 2012, Adhika Bhadrapada Month in 2012

Adhik Maas (Adhika masam) is an extra month which comes in Lunar Hindu Calendar (both – Amavasyant & Purnimant Panchangams) for every 28 to 36 months. In 2012, Adhik month comes as Adhik Bhadrapad month i.e. Bhadrapad month comes twice in 2012 – Adhik & Nija Bhadrapad maasa. Adhik Bhadrapad month 2012 in North Indian […]