Syamantaka Mani, the Gold Producing Jewel

Shri Krishna

Shri Krishna

Of all the divine jewels, the Syamantaka Mani is said to be a very powerful Gem – it is believed to be a beautiful RUBY that adorns the neck of Surya deva himself and a gem which was subsequently worn by Shri Krishna. In India, it is believed that if one donates a fine Ruby to Lord Krishna, one will be born in the next birth as an emperor!

The Origin of Syamantaka Mani…

The story of Syamantaka Mani appears in the Vishnu Purana and the Bhagavatha. As per these ancient Scritpures, the jewel originally belonged to the Sun God, Surya Deva, who wore it around his neck.

As per the legend, the land which possessed the Syamantakamani would never encounter any calamities in the form of droughts, floods, earthquakes or famines.

It would also produce eight bharas of gold daily for the keeper. ‘Eight bharas’ means 170 pounds. The legend also describes Syamantaka Mani as the source of the dazzling appearance of the Sun God.

The story of Syamantaka Mani also revolves around Lord Krishna, Satyajit, Satyabhama and King Satrajith.

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