Swami Agnivesh comments on Amarnath Shiva Temple

Swami Agnivesh comments on Amarnath Shiva temple that the shivling which appears in the form of ice in Amarnath shrine is just another block of ice and holds no religious significance.

The 5000 year-old Amarnath temple is opened only once a year during June, July and August, holds great significance as per Hindu religious history (mythology).

According to many legends associated with and mentioned in Puranas and other Holy Scriptures, Lord Shiva explained the secret of life and eternity to his wife Goddess Parvati, whose ice formation is also present in the cave temple of Amarnath.

Update: On 1 December 2012, Swami Agnivesh was manhandled by VHP activists for commenting on Amarnath Temple..

As per the news source…..

Local VHP head B L Tiwari and supporters of saffron organisation Sanskriti Bachao Manch attacked Swami Agnivesh and manhandled him at the Ravindra Bhavan. The violent activists tried to tear apart Agnivesh’s robe claiming that he did not deserve to wear saffron attire. They even called him a traitor to the nation, sympathiser of Naxals and insurgents. The VHP even alleged Agnivesh had deceived Anna Hazare during the crusade against corruption. Police rescued Agnivesh from the spot while the VHP workers continued to raise slogans.

In May this year, Agnivesh faced the wrath of the saffron brigade and was slapped in the face during a meeting in Ahmedabad for the same remark on Amarnath ice deity.

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  1. padmesh kumar varma says:

    Dear Sir, Every right thinking Hindu will agree with Swami Agnivesh that the so called Shiva Linga in Amarnath is purly a natural phenomenon and has nothing to do with Hindu religion. The tales circulated about it being divine are only myths given, as it is said, in the Puran. Purans , as per Hindu religion, are only history and not any religious treaty. So there is no need to feel hurt by a factual remark about Amarnath.

  2. Eileen says:

    Kudos to Mr. Padmesh Kumar Varma. I fully agree with his comments. I would like to add, that all religious places have been glorified for commercial exploitations. Just imagine, if there won’t be any visitors then what those socially unproductive and educationally at the lowest level people, who had put themselves at the highest rank in the society, would do for a living?

  3. Kalabairava says:

    Dear Padamesh,

    I agree that it is a natural phenomenon. But who told you natural phenomenons are trivial. If i want to respect nature allow me to do so.

    This applies to all religions. Dont comment on other faith and try to be overintelligent. If Mr. Agnivesh feels that he is clever and is the first to understand that this is a natural phenomenon then it is a mistake. I worship the sun, the rain, the earth, the planets and the universe because “I LOVE THEM”. Dont hate nature.