Svayamvaram | Svayamvara in Puranas & Ancient India

Sri Rama Navami egreetings 10 no-watermark

Sri Rama Navami egreetings 10 no-watermark

Svayamvara was an ancient practice, which was followed in ancient India, in which the girl after she attains the age of marriage would choose the groom from the assembled men at her palace, who would be mostly kings from other religion. Before the Svayamvara, the father of the bride would send his servants to other regions, in order to spread the news of the Svayamvara amongst the kings.

The bride would choose a proper person based on his valour and his appearance, and he must have to win in various tests conducted by the king at his palace. The tests would be mostly to fight with a powerful bull or with boxers, and sometimes they would ask to kill a ferocious tiger or lion with the weapons, which would be kept at the cage in the palace. Ancient kings also would ask the person to shot the arrow at a particular point of circle, or to shot at the trees, in order to make the fruits to fall down in the ground at a single shot.

After selecting an auspicious time, on the prescribed day, the girl would garland the person, who had win in the tests, and also if he has stolen the heart of the girl, would be selected and the marriage ceremony would be performed immediately.

As per Ramayana, Sita marries Rama, after he easily lifted the Shiva Danush, and also broke it without any difficulty.

When King Kuntibhoja arranged a grand Svayamvara for Kunti at his palace, Kunti ignored all other kings in the Svayamvara, and she had chosen Pandu as her husband, due to his attractive features.

Draupadi married Arjuna in the Svayamvara, after he proved his archery skills in the Svayamvara.

Damayanti, a beautiful princess, had chosen Nala as her husband in the Svayamvara, and she even ignored the demi gods present in the Svayamvara like Yama, Vayu and Indra.

But at this present stage of life, everything was changed, and the ancient practice of Svayamvara was dropped. Most of the Marriages are being performed based on the financial status of the people. Some marriages come to an end within a few months period. This all happens due to lack of understanding and the impatience found between the couples. Money is considered as the main source, and it is treated similar to the “VITAMINS”.

Hence, let us worship Lord Krishna in order to give more patience and tolerance to the married couples, in order to lead a happy married life.


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