Surya Pongal 2023 | Second day of Pongal in Tamil Nadu

Surya Pongal is the second day of four-day Pongal festival in Tamil Nadu. In 2023, Surya Pongal date is January 15. As the name suggests, the festival is dedicated to Surya or Sun God.

Surya Pongal is celebrated as Makar Sankranti in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and North Indian states. This is also the first day of the Tamil month of Thai masam. Kolam is the main attraction of Pongal festival in Tamil Nadu. Women folk take it as a challenge to decorate their houses with beautiful kolam designs.

Surya Puja is the most important ritual during Surya Pongal festival. Devotees offer naivedyam of milk and jiggery to Lord Surya. Milk is boiled in every house in a clay pot and when the boiled spills out from the pot, children shout out “Pongal – oh – Pongal”. In some places, Pongal (rice recipe) is cooked. Surya Puja marks the beginning of Thai month. Surya Stotras or Prayers of Lord Surya are recited during the Surya Pongal Puja.

Panchang, 15 January 2023

Suryodayam (Sunrise) : 06:54 AM
Suryastama (Sunset) : 05:45 PM
Chandrodayam (Moonrise) : 01:00 AM, Jan 16
Chandrastama (Moonset) : 11:58 AM

Today’s Panchangam:

Tithi : Ashtami upto 07:45 PMNavami
Nakshatra : Chitra upto 07:12 PMSwati
Yoga : Balava upto 07:39 AM Kaulava upto 07:45 PM Taitila
Karana : Sukarma upto 11:51 AM Dhriti
Weekday : Raviwara
Paksha : Krishna Paksha


Shaka Samvat : 1944 Shubhakruth
Chandramasa : Magha – Purnimanta Pausha – Amanta
Vikram Samvat : 2079 Rakshasa
Gujarati Samvat : 2079 Aananda

Shubh Muhurat:

Abhijit Muhurat : 11:58 AM to 12:41 PM
Amrit Kalam : 12:32 PM to 02:12 PM

Time to avoid:

Rahu Kalam : 04:24 PM to 05:45 PM
Yamaganda : 12:20 PM to 01:41 PM
Gulikai Kalam : 03:03 PM to 04:24 PM
Dur Muhurtam : 04:19 PM to 05:02 PM
Varjyam : 12:50 AM, Jan 16 to 02:27 AM, Jan 16

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