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Surya Gayatri Mantram – Moola Mantra, Adhi Devata, Prathyadhi Devata Mantrams

Surya Gayatri Mantras are the Gayatri mantras to be chanted during the Surya puja or Surya japam. Surya Bhagavan or the Sun God is the Pratyaksha Narayana, the God who appears directly to us. Each God has his own Gayatri mantra.

Here are the Gayatri mantras for Adhi devata and Prati devata along with the main mantra.

Surya Gayatri Mantram

Om kashyapeyaya vidmahe theekshmanshavecha dheemahi thanna Suryah Prachodayath

Adhi Devata Mantram

Om mahadevaya vidmahe vyaghrajinaaya dheemahi thanno rudra prachodayath

Prathyadhi devata mantram

Om kashyapeyaya vidmahe theekshamanshavecha dheemahi thanna suryah prachodayath

Other Navagraha Gayatri Mantras

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  1. Chandrabhaga says:

    surya graha mantra japa homa on surya pradosh

  2. Vipreet says:

    Navagraha moola mantra adhi devata prathyadhi devata mantra