Support Jan Lokpal Bill, anti-corruption bill to appoint Jan Lokpal

Jan Lopkpal sand sculptureJan Lokpal Bill is a draft anti-corruption bill drawn up by social activists in India for seeking the appointment of a Jan Lokpal. Jan Lokpal will be the governing body of investigations on corruption cases. The image attached beside is the Jan Lokpal sand sculpture made by Tarani Misro, famous sand artist from Andhra Pradesh. As per the Lok Pal bill, all the corruption cases will be resolved within a year and the culprits will be punished.

The famous social activist Anna Hazare has started his hunger strike demanding Jan Lokpal bill or any other comprehensive anti-corruption bill.

All we need to make India a country without corruption, we need to support Jan Lokpal Bill..

Sand sculptures of Independence Day Special & Anna Hazare & Aam Aadmi’s fight against corruption.. 

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  1. bhavesh says:

    its time to wake up now. Anna Hazare is doing great movement for us and we are fully supporting his activity. He is doing for country. great. salute.

  2. prateek chakraborthy says:

    I am supporting Jan Lokpal bill. I want to eradicate corruption from my Mother India.

  3. Kranthi koratla says:

    I support jan lokpal bill. those who are not supporting lokpal bill, will get good punishment in upcoming assembly elections in west bengal, tamil nadu, kerala and assam

  4. jaspal singh says:

    I firmly agree with all of you. we can guess how politicians are corrupted by this incident – to get pass out the bill against corruption, one social activist is doing hunger strike. very pity that our India in this condition. we all need to awake and arise.

  5. ram singh says:

    lok pal bill must consider the interest of poor people , labour class of parivate sector , 2 percent of indian population hold 70 % of wealth its is not only country of mittal , aggarwal and ambani who are multi billioniar

    Lok pal bill also applicable on private enterprises also who exploit labour class and became more & more richer

  6. ram singh says:





  7. Shivani Sharma says:

    I m there to support Mr Hazare for this noble cause to de root corruption form roots of Indian politics


    Mr Hazare

  8. Prakash M Oza says:

    Anna Hajare ke saath pura desh khada hai,
    1942 ko “Angrej Bharat Chhodo Andolan’ ka netratva Gandhiji ne kiya or desh unke saath tha, Aaj “Bhrast Netao Bharat Kursi Chhodo” Anna Saheb Desh aapke saath hai

  9. smriti says:

    i too strongly support for making country corruption free and for making all categories of people to live with equality. DE ROOT CORRUPTIOn=Jan lokpal bill…

  10. M R Ansari says:

    If this Lokpal Bill is really going to put the culprits behind the bars and make the country corruption free then the WHOLE INDIA is supporting this “JAN LOKPAL BILL” irrespective of the caste and creed.

    I myself strongly support the bill.

    ANNA HAZARE we are all with you.

    M R Ansari

  11. Wester Anantharaj says:

    We Strongly support for making country corruption free…
    Y not we can arrange a rally and fasting all over India…
    We support Jan Lokpal Bill

    Wester Anantharaj, Mathis Kumar, Hari Raam Prasad, Muthukumar, Jaikar, Raghavan

  12. tulsi cyrusi says:

    its great that people reacting well for the movement of anna. thanks to him for rejuvenating the youth of india.

  13. nagesh says:

    I support to Anti corruption movement. Corruption is major draw back of GREAT INDIA. Common Men are facing trouble in this society. No body take care. Our Leaders are becoming rich. they are making law for own benefit. They all are changing rules for own benefit. Our farmers are committing suicide but our leaders are involved in many scam . They do not care.

  14. sanjeev says:

    I, Support Shri Anna Hazare Ji, i really felt that, in spite of development in economy of our country , people are suffering a lot, politicians are engaged themselves in corruption, have very least interest in real development of country, and also to deals the problem of common people.

  15. Saqib Azmi says:



    PLEASE ………..

  16. Sunil says:

    We need to make India a country without corruption…. We cant do that in months of time, its mission, its a operation on culprits.

  17. Sunil Naven says:

    This is the right time,
    Its time for wake up now.
    This is not enough to to send a comments on this content.
    We’ll react on this issue until another breaking news comes.
    We have to do something.
    Yes, I Can do….

  18. Sandeep says:

    I give my fully support to Mr.Anna Hajare for the movment of Anti corruption in INDIA It is a right time to wake-up for anti corruption

  19. Ashish Mittal says:

    Well the janlokpal bill is a very good biggning to root out corruption but its difficult for the so currupt govt to accept it as its afraid that may be it might act as a nail in their coffin.well for it to pass their is support required in lakhs and long rallies to put pressure so we are with anna ji lets fight back

  20. K Rambabu says:

    Very happy to see the movment like after a long time since independance. Hope this will surely endup positive result and we sincearly extend our support to this great movement.

  21. Anita Dwivedy says:

    I am proud to see our beloved Bapu in form of Anna Hazare for the emancipation of our country from the cancer of corruption.

    I sincerely support this move as a citizen of India.

  22. Rahhul patil says:

    it’s right time to wake up if not now then when? and not we then who? Anna hajare is doing great movment for us and we supporting to his activity he is doing for country . we strongly support to janlokpal

  23. Rathna Kumar says:

    Corruption is major draw back of our country development. Now a days common Men are facing so many troubles in this society. Our leaders are not take care about us. They want their growth only. In this situation lokpal bill is our great weapon. so we have to give full support to the same and Mr. Anna Hazare Hunger strike to see clean and green, corruption free India…..

    Jago re bhai Jago.. This is the right time..
    P. N. V. Rathna Kumar, Hyderabad.

  24. Gaurav says:

    People like Anna Hazare born in decades.
    I am a strong support of Lokpal bill. It should be strongly implemented in its actual form without diluting it to benefit bloody politicians.

    Without transparent and strict policy we cannot fight back corruption.

    I don’t wish to inherit corrupt system to our coming generations.

    Jago bhai jago……

  25. Balaji says:

    I am moved by the superhuman effort with which this 73 year old man is trying to change the corrupt system in India which is deep rooted at the grass root level. If we cannot do it ourselves, we should atleast support someone who is doing it for us. May Anna Hazare live long!!!

    Proud Indian

  26. santoshi and celine says:

    we are from belgaum, karnataka and are really proud of our national hero ANNA Hazare, he is really doing a great job, we pray for his good health and let him be granted more courage to withstand the circumstances.Corruption is major draw back which is hindering the growth of our country. Long live ANNA.

  27. shanti swarup says:

    Its really great that all are commenting on this article and coming forward to support the noble cause to bring out the jan lokpal bill. thanks all of you. I am the strong supporter for jan lokpal bill and anna hazare. I am from Bangalore, Karnataka.

  28. kandaswamy says:

    I am kandaswamy from chennai, tamil nadu. I support the jan lokpal bill. Tamil Nadu people should vote out DMK and Karunanidhi in tamil nadu assembly elections of 2011 and tell the world that they are the representatives of anti-corruption movement.

  29. joel stainer says:

    why political parties, mainly congress, is against or pretending against jan lokpal bill. How much corrupted these congress party is?

    • naveen.sanagala says:

      Hi everyone,
      Thanks for the great response and support for Jan Lokpal bill.
      If you like the sand sculpture and the article, please share it with your friends in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
      Thanks again for the great response !!
      Jai Hind…. Jai Bharat….
      Long live corruption-free Bharat..

  30. renu shahdol says:

    we are with anna . this is the time to get up and contribute in india’s revolution part – 2

  31. anand says:

    i want people propose anna hazare to be our president of India and abdul kalam to be prime minister of India. if it is done, then we don’t worry about corruption. the citizens of India give voice to this people so that India will blossom. America the silent killer don’t like this, so they want to destroy this by CIA. but people are unite, we can done. people of India please come on let us give our support to anna hazare and abdul kalam to rule us.

  32. anand says:

    I want people to propose B. Anna hazare to be our president of India and A.P.J. Abdul kalam to be prime minister of India. If it is done, then we don’t worry about government. The citizens of India give voice to this people so that India will blossom. America the silent killer doesn’t like this, so they want to destroy this by CIA. But people are unite, we can done. People of India please come on let us give our support to B. Anna hazare and A.P.J. Abdul kalam to rule us.

  33. Fr.Thomas says:

    Dear suffering servants of God, still there are people of light in this world, courageous enough to stand for truth. Hazareji took a way of spiritual fight. It is not a mere physical or verbal attack which can conquer only a little. He is really a spiritual activist cum social activist who wish to bring the kingdom of God on earth through his convictions. I think all those who are struggling for light must fight together to defeat the corruption (the way of darkness) together irrespective of religions. The corruption cannot be removed from our country but off course from our culture, the peoples mind, especially from the children, the new generation through new laws and a radical step.

    I feel shame on those so called ‘social workers’ and ‘the religious’, who is up in arm to spend the project fund and not able to read the signs of the time to join the true people. If you are a true Indian/a social worker/a religious man join the activist Hazarji, Baba Ram Dev and Great Man Abdul Kalam

  34. DEBRAJ SAHA says:

    Politicians are in a dilama as Anna Hazare wins the first stage of the on going war against corruption. They don’t know whether to support the lok pal bill or not, as the bill can go against them and it may be strengthen the right of genaral public. If a political party don’t support the bill the goodwill of that party may be hampard as well.In this situation various political parties are trying to minimise the enthu of genaral public by delivering lackadisical speaches.But they forget that the public of india are no longer full. We the citizens of India have already started the battel against corruption and with the help of great Anna Hazare win the initial stage but we should not forget that this is only the begining, hard part of the battel are yet to come and we have to win that part as well. It is my request to every indian to come forword and stand beside Anna Hazare in the battale against corruption. Debraj Saha, Malda, West Bengal.

  35. Amit Choudary says:

    An open letter to Rahul Gandhi
    Dear Rahul,
    I write as someone who has followed your entry into active politics closely, as someone who would like to believe that you mean well & that you would like to make a difference. I also write as someone who can’t help but notice how lacking in administrative experience & aptitude members of the civil society appear to be, or how their views on the Jan Lokpal Bill sound alarmingly simplistic to cynical ears. However, even if their pursuit appears quixotic to some, the man on the streets believes that its not a windmill they are charging at but a monster.
    We are all anti-corruption. I am, you are & so was your father. His entry into Indian politics was like a breath of fresh-air & we were all rooting for him in his attempt to project himself as the Mr.Clean of India’s murky polity. It took a lot of courage for a Prime-Minister to admit that no more than 15 paise out of every rupee spent by the government actually reached the intended beneficiaries. I think a lot of people, including myself, thought it a tremendous loss to see him get trapped by the very system he seemed to be trying to change. That he didn’t get another chance to implement his vision was our collective loss.
    Your visible attempts at reaching out to the downtrodden, the conducting of transparent & democratic intra-party elections in the Youth Congress would have me believe that you intend to do more than just pay lip-service to the oft-repeated adages of “Garibi Hatao” & “Congress ka hath garibo ke sath”. But just as people are frequently more comfortable with old problems than they are with new solutions, you seem to be vary of subjecting the party machinery to radical invasive surgery that is long overdue. You seem unsure of what could be exorcised & what must remain. Now I know its much too easy for someone like me to say this from a distance but your party’s mass-base is not held up by its “old-hands” (I shall not use “stalwarts” for their kind), but by the goodwill of the people. While India craves leadership, what you will learn at their hands is politics. And politicians, I might add, do not make very good teachers. The teacher never trusts the student enough to tell him all & the student pulls the rug from under the teacher’s feet so that the one who made him may not prove to be his undoing.
    History is littered with politicians, & ofcourse they have held power most of the time, but you who are born to a very special destiny could be so much more! You, who could have been the country’s premier as soon as you reached the minimum age required by the constitution; Is becoming yet another one of India’s Prime-Ministers a worthy ambition for you? If you could find the courage to show the door to the old-order, only then will the new truly be yours.
    The way things appear right now, your party seems to be targeting an anti-corruption crusade as if it were fighting for its own dear life. To a common-man’s eyes, the shenanigans of your party’s old-order have ensured that the Congress looks like the very embodiment of corruption. And your silence only makes it worse.
    I realize that you are going through a very trying time in your personal life. As someone who has lost his mother to cancer, I can empathise with your predicament. But this is so much bigger than any individual! This truly is a historic opportunity, & if India were to lose it, you & your family’s good-name will be besmirched forever. An entire generation will see you as the protectors of the corrupt.
    Across the spectrum people are drawing parallels between this government’s treatment of the activists to the British treatment of the Mahatma. Is that really the legacy you crave for yourself?
    To most of those who are considered pillars of this establishment, none of this would matter as they are little better than vultures feasting on a mountain of India’s woes. They do not represent any human or social constituency, but buy & steal elections. Bribing an impoverished electorate is not the same as representing them.
    As someone whose birth ensures what others spend a lifetime trying to get close to, I write to you in the hope that to you this would make a difference.
    The very least the civil-society deserves is respectful & patient hearing. The very least this country deserves is for its law-enforcement to stop being a toothless circus-lion .
    Ashoka’s Lion Capital was adopted as a symbol of the Indian state by the makers of the constitution. For decades they have stood defanged & helpless. When they roar, the vultures laugh.
    We must change that.
    Yours sincerely,
    A hopeful common-man

    Amit Choudary, Jaipur

  36. Suresh says:

    Fight Aganist corruption must become passion with every citizen..
    Now citizens of India got chance atleast to protest their frustation on CORRUPTION…..
    Lets have Hope this proestation with Anna Hazare will become Great Success and help to get Clean India without concept called Corruption…JAI HIND….

  37. Arvind Pandey says:

    I am fully support of Jan Lok Pal Bill

  38. kamaraj subramani says:

    All indians should support to pass lokbal bill, after lokpal bill pass anna hazare need to improve indian economy and grouth by anti -corruption ,then india will be powerfull country in world.

  39. Deepak says:

    Visit these spiritual and touching website.

    It will provide you all current information, live & ongoing for anna-hazare & lokpal-bil

    At least we can support him instead of sitting idle.

    Like website to support anna-hazare!!!