Support Jan Lokpal Bill, anti-corruption bill to appoint Jan Lokpal

Jan Lokpal Bill is a draft anti-corruption bill drawn up by social activists in India for seeking the appointment of a Jan Lokpal. Jan Lokpal will be the governing body of investigations on corruption cases. The image attached beside is the Jan Lokpal sand sculpture made by Tarani Misro, famous sand artist from Andhra Pradesh. […]

65th Independence Day Sand Sculptures, Sand Art works for Svatantra Divas 2011

As Bharat (India) turns 65 years on 15 August 2011, famous sand artists of India: Tarani Misro of Andhra Pradesh & Sudarsan Pattnaik of Orissa have created sand sculptures with different themes. Tarani Misro created a sand sculpture which displays the tri-colored flag with a quotation – “India @65”. Talking to Hindupad, Tarani said that […]