Sundarakanda Parayana Procedures | Sundarakanda Parayanam Vidhanam



Sundarakanda Parayana Procedures (Sundarakanda Parayanam Vidhanam) is given here. There are many ways (based on number of days) for Sundarakanda Parayana.

Sundara Kanda is the fifth book in the Hindu epic the Ramayana. It depicts the adventures of Hanuman. The original Sundara Kanda is in Sanskrit and was composed by Valmiki, who was the first to scripturally record the Ramayana.

Any of the below mentioned procedure is to be followed for the parayana.

1. Ekahna Parayana

In one single day, the entire Sundarakanda Parayana should be done

2. Dinadwaya Parayana

In two days the Parayana is to be completed. First day, from 1st verse to 48th verse and on second day from 49th to 68th sarga (verse) are to be completed.

3. Ekottara Vriddhi Parayana

1st day – 1st sarga

2nd day – 2, 3 sarga

3rd day – 4 to 6 sarga

4th day – 7 to 10 sarga

5th day – 11 to 15 sarga

6th day – 16 to 21 sarga

7th day – 22 to 28

8th day – 29 to 36 sarga

9th day – 37 to 45

10th day – 46 to 55

11th day – 56 to 66

12th day – again 1 to 10

13th day – 11 to 23

14th day – 24 to 37

15th day – 38 to 53

16th day – 54 to 68

By the above said procedure, Sundarakanda Parayana will be completed for two times in 16 days. Those who would do this type of Parayana for 3 times, they will be blessed with ‘Sarva Abhishta Siddhi’ (fulfillment of all his/her desires).

4. Daily, do parayana of 5 verses each. On 14th day do parayana of 66th to 68th sarga and again start from 1st sarga and perform parayana till the end of 2nd sarga. This procedure is also widely followed.

5. Sapta sarga Parayana – Daily, do parayana of 7 verses each. On 9th day, do read 57th to 68th verses. This is also known as ‘Navahna Parayana’.

6. Daily each one or three or five or seven verses each can be done. Similarly, the Parayana should be done for 68 days.

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  1. nns hanuman says:

    jai sriram jai hanuman

  2. T V Rao says:

    Thanks for the information and there are specific slokas in Sundarakanda, which help needy. such information may also help us . Request u to provide same.

  3. Suresh says:

    Can you cite the source of these procedures – Whether it is from any puranas etc , if so which one ?

  4. ch srinivas says:

    I am searching for a comment, part of which contains “do this type of Parayana for 3 times, they will be blessed with ‘Sarva Abhishta Siddhi’ ” which is not displayed.. The respected owner/administrator of this site, please allow to view that comment

    • Jaanakiram says:

      Hi Sir, in 16 days, two times recite the the toral 68 sarga parayanama. Like wise, shall do 3 times… Means 3 times of reciting rhe total procedure of 16 days… Hope u understand. Tq

      • Sampath says:

        Hi in this method on day 11 we close at 66 th sarga. Is there no need to read 68 and 67 sarga? When should pattabishekam be read on the 11th day and 16 th day?

  5. ch srinivas says:

    there is one special procedure –
    2+2+3 times full parayana in 3 days non-stop
    kindly let me know about this procedure more.

  6. I just want to read sundarakanda with slokas, as of now i dont want to do parayana,should i follow any procedure for that?I have heard that we should chant hanuman chalisa after reading sundarakanda normally also,is it right?

  7. Venkateswara Rao says:

    I’m thinking to do Sundarakanda 15 th sarg parayanam 9 days.
    My problem financially and business up and downs and also debts.Daily how many times should I do the japasankya and before reading the 15 th sarg what should l read.Pls reply me

  8. Harikishan says:

    What is Supannam or Soopannam naivaidyam