Suki Sivam

Suki Sivam is a popular speaker, writer and a Tamil Scholar. He used to participate in TV programmes. He was the Kalaimamani awardee for his contributions towards Tamil and for spreading the bhakti spirit in the minds of the people.

His discourses on Bhakti texts are very simple to understand, and he contains good knowledge in Hindu Divine Texts. He is having interest in social welfare services also, and is considered as a humble and a noble man.

He was the son of the famous writer couple, KalaiMaa Mani Mr.T.N. Suki Subramaniam and Smt. Gomathi Subramaniam, and he was influenced by the speeches of Sri. Thirumuruga Kripananda variyaar and Thavathiru Kundrakudi Adigalaar, and he developed the MURUGA BHAKTI from their divine lectures, and also spread it among the people.

Mr. Suki Sivam is a well-educated person and received lot of awards for his rich contribution in writing Tamil texts. He has written Motivational books, Literary and religious books and introduced literary and religious videos. He is journeying in the spiritual boat, and also making others to sail in it, in order to reach the shore of Heaven.

Let us pray to the almighty to give a good health, wealth, sound mind and a long life to the great person Sri Suki Sivam.


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