Story of Varudhini and Pravarakhya

Story of Varudhini and Pravarakhya. What is the story of Varudhini and Pravarakhya. The legend of Varudhini, Pravarakhya. Love story of Varudhini, Pravarakhya.

The births of King Swarochi and Manu Swarochisha had an interesting background. A learned Brahmana youth called Pravarakhya on the banks of River Varuna observed the required rituals regularly and worshipped guests.

Once a Siddha who had knowledge of Mantras, Tantras and especially of indigenous herbs and their usages arrived and Pravarakhya evinced interest to visit Himalayas; he gave an exotic herb and asked the youth to apply its ‘lepana’or its essence on his feet and he could visit Himalayas instantly by closing his eyes.

But the Siddha cautioned that the lepana would dry up by the Sunset. Indeed, Pravarakhya landed in the thick jungles atop Himalayas and was lost in an unparalleled vision of ice mountain linings and the abundant glory of flora and fauna, the dizzy views of valleys, waterfalls etc.

The youth was fully conscious that he would have to return by the dusk time. In that place of blissful silence, he spotted a damsel-an Apsara named Varudhini- and initiated conversation; the friendly dialouge ended up with her sincere entries to marry her ; when she was refused , she begged him to atleast mate with her once. Pravara a strict Brahmachari of proven celibacy ran away from her and in the process his lepana on his feet got dried up and he lost his way.

As he was badly delayed for his evening rituals back home he prayed to Agni Deva who in the form of an elderly Brahmana appeared and reached him home. Meanwhile the frustrated Varudhini became too passionate for Pravara. A Gandharva boy he was rejected by Varudhini earlier got scent of the situation and having changed his Swarupa as a Maya Pravarakhya approached her and said he changed his mind and cheated her into bed on the condition however that she should close her eyes at the time of their union so that she would not realise that he was not the genuine Pravara. Varudhini and Maya Pravara lived together for a year and Swarochi was born of Pravara’s intellect and discipline and Varudhinis’s charm and physical attraction.

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  1. Sudhakar Rao says:

    According to MarkanDeya purana, the original name of Maya Pravrakhya is KAlI

  2. Sudhakar V.Rao says:

    according to markandeya purana, the original name of maya pravarakhya was “Kali”

  3. Sudhakar V.Rao says:

    the original name of maya Pravarakhya was “Kali” .
    Sudhakar V.Rao