Story of Goddess Matangi (Legends associated with Matangi Maa)

Matangi Mahavidya

Matangi Mahavidya

The first Legend of Matangi was related to ucchista matangini when lord Shiva and parvati was served up with food from lord Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi and from the disgorged food a maid aroused and was empowered with good dimensions named Ucchista matangini. Meditation upon goddess matangi allows for inspiration, blessing and peace in the mind and a healthy well-being for devotees. Goddess matangi is linked up with the ‘Full moon’ or ‘night of intoxication’ and she has command of the throat chakra which implies that she blesses her devotees with music and poetry particularly.

The second Legend was gained from pranatosini-tantra where the disguised ornament maker lord Shiva bordered on parvati to test her fidelity. Parvati discovered lord Shiva and she in turn disguised herself as a huntress and neared lord Shiva where he was struck and they made love with each other in the form of chandala, this form was survived forever and was described as uccista-chandalini.

The third legend was deduced from svatantra-tantra; here Tripura sundari passed off rays from her eyeballs where divinity kali with green complexion comes out where she took the figure of raja matangini.

Matangi is also depicted as outcaste and impure linked up for the tribal individuals in the forest, she is related with dying, pollution, inauspicious and the outer boundary of the Hindu society. There are altering creations and ways of worship of goddess matangi from Kashmir to the Tamilnadu. Most of the devotees and pilgrim have special place in their heart for this particular Goddess.

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