Story behind Jitiya Pooja | Why Jivatputrika Vrat is observed

Story behind Jitiya pooja, what is the story behind Jitiya Pooja, why Jitiya Pooja is observed?

Jitiya Puja Paaran Time on 2 October 2018

Near the sea on the bank of river Narmada there was a city named Kanchanawati which was ruled by the king Malayketu. There was a desert called Baluhata on the western side of river. There was a Pakar tree on the branch of which lived a she-hawk and in the hole of the trunk lived a she jackal.

They were fast friends. Once they, like the women folk of the place, observed the fast and performed the pooja of Jimootbahan son of Shalibahan. That day the son of the richest trader of that city died. he was cremated nearby. In the night there was terrific rain and thunderstorm.

The jackal could not resist the temptation of eating the remains, but the hawk continued with her fast. Next day after the women folk broke the fast, she also broke the fast.

In the next birth, they were born as sisters in the house of a Brahmin, Bhaskar. The elder, hawk in previous birth, was named Sheelwati and was married to Buddhisen and the younger, jackal in previous birth, was named Karpoorawati and was married to the king, Malayketu. Due to the blessings of Jimootbahan, Sheelwati was blessed with seven handsome sons. But all the sons of Karpoorawati died just after birth. She was very sad.

When the seven sons of Sheelwati came of age, they applied for and got service with the king. When Karpoorawati saw them, she turned blue with envy. With her wicked design, she persuaded the king to get the seven youths killed and sent the heads in seven containers covered with red cloth to her elder sister. Jimootbahan knew about this and he made heads of clay, fixed them on the torso and sprinkled “amrit” to make them alive. The sons returned to their home. The wives had received the heads but they turned to palm fruits.

Karpoorawati, all the day, waited to hear the wails of the women folk of the house of Buddhisen. When nothing happened, she sent her maid to that house. The maid reported that the sons are all rejoicing in their house. The queen first suspected her husband of duping her, but he told he that there must be God’s blessing on that family.

Karpoorawati went to her sister and told her everything and enquired how her sons could not die. Sheelwati, due to her penance, remembered every details of previous life. She took Karpoorawati to the tree and narrated the events of previous life. Hearing all these Karpoorawati fell unconscious and died. The king performed her last rites.

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