Sringeri Sri Sharada Peethada Avichinna Guruparampara

‘Sringeri Sri Sharada Peethada Avichinna Guruparampara’, a Kannada book penned by Dr. H V Narasimhamurthy, contains more than 1000 question and answers about Sringeri Sri Sharada Peetham and its Guru Parampara.

This book also contains Guru Parampara details, Guru Parampara Stotram and Ashtottara Shatanamavali of various Jagadgurus of Sringeri.

Language: Kannada

Author: Dr. H V Narasimha Murthy

Edition: I

Year of Publication: 2014

Published by: Vikasa Prakashana

Pages: 198

Bind: Paperback

Availability: In Stock

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