Specialty of boats during ‘Vallam Kali’



What is the specialty of boats during Vallam Kali..

Kerala is the most beautiful state of India which located on the Malabar Coast, south-west of India. God has created this place with a peaceful mind. This heavenly place is more like a gorgeous painting by a skillful painter. If you want to spend sometime in the lap of nature, then Kerala is the best choice.

Kerala is famous for its intensely beautiful green valley, back waters, beaches and Ayurvedic tourism.

Another important attraction of Kerala is ‘Vallam kali’, means the boat race. It is the largest team sport of the world. This is an immensely beautiful event of Kerala. During their most prestigious occasion-Onam this event is conducted actually. The beauty, the excitement, the enthusiasm, courage is extra ordinary of this event.
For this prestigious event all boats are designed and decorated beautifully.

Chundan Vallam or snake boat race is most popular among all boat races. Other than that many traditional boat races are take place during this occasion. Churulan Vallam, iruttukuthy Vallam, Odi Vallam, Veppu Vallam, Vadakkanody Vallam, kochu vallam.

In autumn or in the month of August- September, Kerala is the center of attraction of all the tourists. This paradise of world is now ready to hit the world with its most energetic and colorful event- Vallam Kali or especially for Chundan Vallam or snake boat race. These special kinds of boats are 100 to 120 ft long and it can manage to hold 100 rowers.

These are long canoe style boats; the local name is ‘Aanjili thadi’ are accompanied by 25 traditional singers, 4 helmsmen and 100 to 125 oarsmen who actually move the boat with the rhythm of Vanchipattu, the traditional song of boat man. This amazing snake boat race is conducted on a stretch of 40 km from the hills to the low lying plains. Many people encourage them from the river banks with a huge excitement and enthusiasm.

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