Special poojas at Uttaradhi Math, Bangalore in March 2019

Special poojas at Uttaradhi Math, Bangalore in March 2019..

In continuation of our efforts to keep you informed about the activities at Uttaradi Math, Bangalore, we are posting the details of the special poojas to be held at UM,Bangalore. The poojas and the dates are mentioned below:

3rd March, Sunday: Ganapathi Pooje

10th March, Sunday: Durga Pooje

18th March, Monday: Ashlesha Pooje

24th March, Sunday: Navagraha Pooje

27th March, Wednesday: Kalyanotsava

Sevas can be written at the venue and Pooja sankalpa done. We are also conducting a samoohika Upanayana on 26th April 2019, primarily to benefit poor families conduct Upanayana of boys. For details you may call 99029-26166.

You may be aware that there are facilities for conducting family functions starting from namakarana, anna prashana, aksharabyasa, Upanayana, ayush homas, various shanthi homas like for 60th 70th or 80th year, shreemantha etc or even informal birthday get togethers. There are two full large sized floors and a mezzanine floor too with lift facility as well as ramp for differently abled persons. Customised menus for these functions can also be created. There is a Yaga shala where homas as aspired by devotees can be performed. For any enquiries around conducting family functions at Sri Uttaradi Math, Bangalore, the number 9164850058 can be contacted.

There are ongoing pathas of various types, which we have been announcing through these communications channels. Almost on a daily basis Upanyasas happen. Devotees are requested to make use of all the above and benefit.

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