Soubhagya Thadiya Vrata Puja Vidhanam – Puja Procedure of Sowbhagya Vratam

What is the puja procedure of Soubhagya Thadiya Vratam or how to observe Sowbhagya Vratam? This is a query asked by one of the visitors of Hindupad – Shubhangi. This article explains about the pooja vidhi or vidhanam of this vrata. As all other vrathams, neatness is the primary aspect for observing the vratham successfully.

Here is the stepwise puja vidhanam of Soubhagya vratham:

  • Place the idols of either Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi or Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi or both of the divine couples.
  • Perform Ganesh Puja or Ganapati pooja.
  • Observe the main puja with ashtottara stotras and shodashopachara rituals.
  • Chant the mantra “Sri Soubhagya Pathaye namaha” during the vrata.
  • Offer food cooked with wheat as naivedyam.
  • In the evening donate each bowl of honey, til (sesame seeds), ghee, jaggery, salt, and milk along with thamboolam and dakshina to a Brahmin.
  • Give thamboolam (betel leaves, fruits, flowers, and betel nuts) and dakshina to five married women.

Some devotees observe the vrata for five months (Falgun, Chaitra, Vaishakha, Jyeshta, and Ashada months ) and in fifth month (Ashada month) vratha udyapana is performed.

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