Somvati Amavasya Story, Vrat Katha, Legend

The story, vrat katha of Somvati Amavasya is associated with the daughter of a moneylender and a washerwoman… The story goes like this….

Once upon a time, a moneylender lived in a village with his wife, seven sons and a daughter. All of his sons got married but the daughter was yet not married. A Sadhu used to come to his house everyday for alms and give blessings to them. The holy person used to bless all daughters-in-law with happy married life but he never used to bless moneylender’s daughter.

The daughter told this matter to her mother. Worried mother asked the Sadhu about this the next day. Sadhu remained silent and left the place.

Worried mother asked a pandit about her daughter’s kundali. The pandit read the kundali and told her that his daughter’s destiny is to become a widow. He also given a hint of remedy that she should ask for the sindoor from a washer woman who stays in an island. The girl was told to ask for sindhoor from the washer woman and wear it on her forehead and alongside she should perform Somvati Amavasya vrata to get rid of inauspicious effects.

Taking one of her brothers, the girl went to seashore. Now, they are amazed that how to cross it. They have started brainstorming by sitting under a tree on which a vulture had a nest. Whenever female vulture gives birth to a baby, a snake used to eat the baby. When vulture and its wife were out, the snake came and babies started shouting. Daughter of the moneylender understood the whole story and killed the snake.

When the vulture couple came back, they felt very happy that their babies are alive. The couple helped the girl and her brother to reach the washerwoman’s house.

After reaching the washerwoman’s house, the girl secretly served her for many days. Pleased washerwoman applied sindoor on her forehead. Then, the girl left her house without even drinking water.

On the way back, the girl circumambulated around the Peepal tree and then she drank water. She prayed to the Peepal tree and observed the fast of Somvati Amavasya. Thus, her inauspicious effects were cleansed; she became fortunate and got married to a handsome and ideal young man.

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  1. Svarg says:

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  2. Aashish Pande says:

    But did she not get the sarpadosha on killing the snake?