Solar Eclipse July 2011 Astrology Predictions

Solar Eclipse July 1, 2011 occurs on Cancer sign as per Zodiac astrology and on Gemini (Mithuna rashi) sign as per Moon sign astrology (Hindu Astrology). As this partial solar eclipse will not be visible in any part of the earth (except over a small area off the coast of Antarctica), there is no effect of it is recorded as per Hindu astrology. No ritual has to be observed during this solar eclipse. Though it has no significance, Hindupad provides the details of this surya grahan. It is a Pakshik Surya grahan which takes places as Kethugrastha in Ardra nakshatram and Mithuna rashi.

There is no astrology prediction will be recorded as per Hindu Astrology for the partial solar eclipse of July 1, 2011, and it has null effect on human beings as it is not visible for us from the earth.

Here is the time of solar eclipse July 1, 2011

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  1. gauri says:

    Is this solar eclipse will be visible in India or in Goa. what are the effects on pregnant women and when are the next solar or lunar eclipse in India or in Goa.