Surya Grahan 4 January 2011 Astrology Predictions for Various Rashis – Solar Eclipse Astrology Predictions for all zodiac signs

Surya Grahan Astrology predictions for 4th January 2011 for various Rasis are given here. Surya Grahan on 4th January 2011 is a pakshik Surya grahanam (Partial Solar Eclipse). It will take place on Purvashada nakshatra, Dhanu rashi (Sagittatius zodiac sign); in Mesha lagna (Aries ascendant) and Vrishabha lagna (Taurus ascendant). Here you know how this grahan will affect your rashi natives.

The Solar Eclipse on 4th January 2011 will bring:

Good or best results for: Karka rashi (Cancer zodiac sign), Tula rashi (Libra zodiac sign), Kumbh rashi (Aquarius zodiac sign), and Meena rashi (Pisces zodiac sign). – Shubh parinaam.

Medium results for: Mesha rashi (Aries zodiac sign), Mithun rashi (Gemini zodiac sign), Simha rashi (Leo zodiac sign), and Vrischika rashi (Scorpio zodiac sign). – Mishram parinaam.

Bad results for: Vrishabha rashi (Taurus zodiac sign), Kanya rashi (Virgo zodiac sign), Dhanu rashi (Sagittarius zodiac sign), and Makar rashi (Capricorn zodiac sign). – Ashubh parinaam.

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  1. sonia says:

    is this predictions according to english zodiac sun signs or according to indian astorlogical moon sign {as per your namewise rashi}?.
    thank you

    • naveen.sanagala says:

      All these predictions are according to Moon sign system but the same is known as Zodiac sign system in Western astrology.